Hippie Holidays!

With the 50th Anniversary of the Woodstock Festival only a couple of years off, I got to wondering how some veterans of that iconic event might be celebrating Christmas.  In their song Old Hippie Christmas, the Bellamy Brothers give us one possible answer:

All the kids made up their wish lists, Sunshine wants the A-bomb banned

Rainbow wants to go to ‘Frisco in an old Volkswagen van,

And the black lights and the lava lamps are flashin’ all about

And Santa in his sandals leaves us little doubt

That Christmas time is almost here and it’s gonna be far out

Some younger folks may not be clear on the reference to black lights and lava lamps, and the mention of banning the A-bomb is somewhat dated, but those of us who were around the 60’s and 70’s get it.  And as the song suggests Christmas, without a doubt, is going to be “Far Out.”tumblr_mxjphf1w2f1s1vvomo1_1280

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