Prostate Cancer Awareness

September is “Prostate Cancer Awareness” month but, as it comes to a close, it is important that every man remain vigilant and sensitized to this issue.  Men should pay attention to their prostate health year round because prostate cancer, when identified early enough, is very treatable … and, a bonus, staying tuned in to this is very easy to do.  I am coming up on the one-year anniversary of the start of my treatment for prostate cancer, and am ecstatic about being about to continue declaring myself cancer free.  I know that I run the risk of being declared a pain in the … well you know … because I keep harping on this, but the important point to remember is that this is a disease that can be treated very successfully.  There are number of treatment options available to men today, so there is no excuse for not staying informed … even though “Prostate Cancer Awareness” month is coming to a close.

The Road to Woodstock

Just finished reading Michael Lang’s book titled “The Road to Woodstock.”  Lang was one of the organizers of the 1969 Festival, and his book gave an excellent overview of all the highs (no pun intended) and lows of putting on this iconic event.  I had the good fortune to be assigned there as a member of the Dutchess County (NY) Sheriff’s Office, and it was a remarkable experience!  In his book Lang focused, primarily, on the work of contracting the bands and the plethora of other services that would be required for a gathering of this magnitude.  He also wrote of the crush of people, the traffic, the mud and a number of other things that I remember very well.  This was a good read which provided an excellent refresher on some of the details that have faded over the years.