Christmas Shopping for Hippies

If you are looking for that last minute gift for an aging Hippie (or a Hippie “wannabe”), our latest book Dear Hippie … We Met at Woodstock might be a good choice.  The paperback version is in stock and can be received by Christmas, and the Kindle version is currently being offered at a reduced price.  Both are available at  Simply type Dear Hippie in the Amazon search box and it appears instantly.

Our pre-Christmas book signing events were lots of fun, with many folks stopping by to share their recollections of the 60’s and 70’s.  For many, the memories and images of Woodstock remain vivid.  And while nobody adorned themselves in tie-dyed clothing and sandals, the conversations included a fair number of Woodstock-era phrases like “Far Out”, “Groovy” and “I’m Digging It!”

Perhaps there is more than a little truth in the popular saying: “Old hippies never die … they just flashback!”

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