Getting “Rightsized” at Last

After more than fifty years of marriage, we took a “leap of faith” and made a series of major changes in our lives.  We also wrote a book about the process titled “Home Sweet Apartment … Getting Rightsized in Our Seventies.”  For senior citizens, making the willing choice to “Rightsize” their lives can be a challenge. Done smartly, though, the outcome can be deeply rewarding. As this book suggests, the journey begins with a clear vision of what an ideal lifestyle looks like and then, while keeping that goal in focus, taking intelligent steps forward. Using our personal experience, we describe how – while both in our seventies – we sold our home, moved to an “Over-55” apartment community, got rid of a lot of accumulated “stuff,” and fashioned a lifestyle of reduced stress and increased personal contentment. This book outlines steps for a comfortable relocation, strategies for letting go of “stuff,” managing the stress of a major lifestyle change, and making wise choices about what is important in life. This new book is now available on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle versions.

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